The interface adapts to suit the device you are using mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop – all work. You need no software to work with the learning interface, just your favourite browser. You should feel like you are navigating an online magazine or website.
At the top of the cover overview, in the cover photo, you’ll see the course title, and a Start button. If you’ve already started the course, the progress bar displays, showing the current percentage of lessons you’ve completed. If available, you can hide and display the sidebar by clicking the ☰ icon in the left-hand corner of the main screen. If you have the side menu open while working through your leaning, you will see the elements of your course beneath the course title, and a progress icon that shows how much of each element you have completed. You will be able to use the menu, by clicking a section name, to jump from one element to another once you have completed that part of the learning module. That’s how you can return to a known place when you have logged out of the module and returned later. Once you have completed all the lessons in a course, you will be able to use the menu to navigate freely within the content.
Yes, many of the images in our course can be enlarged. We’ve done this so you can see more detail, because when you are working on a small screen you might not be able to immediately see all the detail clearly.

When you want to take a break and come back to the course later make sure that you exit in a controlled manner. Always use the EXIT COURSE link in the top corner of your course display or a COURSE EXIT button if one is showing. If you do this, then the learning system will remember where you were up to in the course and you will be able to return to that point on your next entry to the course.
If you exit by closing the entire browser and all the windows that are open the system will not remember where you are up to and will find yourself thrown back to the beginning of the course next time you log in.

Yes, you view courses on tablets and smartphones.

Course completion duration vary person to person. It depends on the reading and learning speed of the learner. However, according to our user testing results, it will take 90 – 120mins to complete.

Yes, we can provide SCORM compliant files for your LMS. The course is compatible for SCORM compliant LMS only. Please send email to to discuss.

We have lots of resources in our blogs section on the website – be sure to check them out! Click here to see the resources. You can also contact us on

Yes, all these courses are SCORM compliant, and we employ many web standards for accessibility.

Yes, when learners complete the course, a downloadable certificate is automatically generated.

Payments can be made using a credit/debit card via PayPal.

Yes! Adaku is a well-versed speaker and DEI course deliverer. She spends much of her time delivering training for a variety of clients. Please contact if you would like to discuss more.

A 23% VAT will be charged for Irish based organisations.

VAT receipt will be sent via email to the registered email address of concerned person

The only payment we can accept on this platform is in euro.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds. Please take the time to review the course outline and a taster session before purchase.